Dog Breath

First post for Thrive Thursday – Halitosis aka Dog Breath !
We’ve been asked a question from Jaqueline in regards to stinky dog breath….. Here is bit of info and some AA tips to try and get your dogs kisses more pleasurable !

1) First thing first make sure you’ve checked your dogs mouth to check he hasn’t any dental disease, bad or cracked dead teeth or any other underlying health issue via your vet.
2) If the above is all ok and there is no sign of gum disease or bad teeth then you need to look at what you are putting in your dogs mouth. Bad bacteria in the mouth is fed by starches and sugars (predominantly kibble or sugar added tinned meat/ treats). Bad bacteria thrives on sugars and starches and will multiply, which is why usually a raw fed dog has pretty sweet breath (unless you’ve just fed green raw tripe lol ) because its void of sugars.
3) How fast is your dog wolfing his food down ? if he inhales big chunks then it overwhelmes the digestive system and the digestive juices/ acid struggles to digest this quickly. When this happens the gut starts to ferment the food, instead of digesting it and then omits gases, which can come out either end. TIP – a slow feeder or licky mat to slow them down.
4) Older dogs ! As your dog ages, there is a decrease in digestive enzymes which help break down food and fats. So its good to add some supplementary digestive pet enzymes to help them to digest their food properly. My old dogs have Mercola healthy pets digestive enzymes added to their raw diet.

5) Things to consider or add to their regime:

a) Fresh Parsley added to the food – it contains high levels of chlorophyll which helps neutralize bad odours and smells. Dried can be used but fresh is better.
b) Coconut oil – extra virgin coconut oil is anti parasitic/ bacterial and helps keep the mouth free of bad bacteria (about ½ teaspoon per 5kg of weight)- great for their coat too 
c) Plaque off – this can be bought online and is seaweed based to help combat plaque and further build up. Just add to food

d) Good natural chews to help clean the teeth……not dentastix which is processed and actually contains sugar. A good raw bone, antler or other natural chew toys , and most certainly not rawhide !!
e) Brush your dogs teeth – use a natural dog toothpaste (good luck with that one  )

Some Mercola facts on dental issues :…/national-pet-dental-healt…

NB: I am not a vet, and what works for some dogs won’t work for others. These are just hints and tips from years of reading and utilizing on my own dogs and if in any doubt ALWAYS consult your vet !

Next weeks thrive thursday is on CBD aka cannabis oil. what it is, and how it can be used.