Cat Sitting

Cats are very independent and like their own routines. They are quite happy staying at home enjoying their own creature comforts as long as there is someone to pop in and see to their basic needs.

Catteries can be very stressful for many cats, so why not let Animal Assistance pop in whilst you are away to feed, check on, play and update you to give you a stress free break. Whether you just want a quick visit to replenish food and water, or would like us to stay for a while and play with your cats, AA offers flexible services to cater for each cats needs.


All prices are based per visit, not per cat.

  • 2 x Quick visits per day £12.00 (depending on location)
  • 1 x Quick Visit £7.00

All the above includes feeding, washing bowls, changing water and Litter tray cleaning and of course cuddles.

Prices include daily texts, update log and any other reasonable requests.

Medical Requirements: We will administer medicines at no extra cost (unless this is time specific, e.g. diabetic 12 hour apart injections – please ask for a price).

Additional Included Services

For that extra security and peace of mind we will turn on/off lights, open/close curtains, pick up post, put out bins, and water plants so that your house looks lived in and people don’t know you are away.